Eco-friendly pop-top handbags

Would you believe that these handbags are crocheted from recycled soda pop cans like Coca Cola drinks?  They are not only gorgeous looking but totally eco-friendly!  Even celebrities Jennifer Garner and Pamela Anderson are said to be fans!

Handmade by Neide Ambrosio and a small group of women in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, each bag is weighty and extremely well finished, worthy of the high-end designer attention they are currently receiving.  Like the mini-shimmery silver pop-top bag you see above made with shiny aluminum poptops with brass hoops, creating a shimmering beauty of chain mail with visual textures in vertical stripes.  Definitely unique and unusual if you ask me.

Said Neide Ambrosio:  “I decided to use soda pops because Brazilian people consume a lot of canned drinks, and in the beaches all over Brazil you can find many soda pops. I love doing this, I spend all my day crocheting as well as going to the beach and down the streets collecting soda pops. 

“I am very glad that I can help the environment by using recycled items. It is a good way for me to contribute to keeping Brazil clean and unpolluted.”

Besides handbags and shoulder bags, Pop Top also offers coin purses, cell phone pouches, cosmetic bags, backpacks and belts.  Even dog accessories like collars and leashes are available.

International shipping available.

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