Foot cushions for comfortable heels

I used to have a problem wearing certain high heels.  I couldn’t stop my feet from sliding forward and it was most annoying.  I also had to stop myself from buying certain shoes because the outer soles were too slippery and I dislike the idea of sending them to Mister Minit.   Well, now I don’t have these problems anymore.  All thanks to Tip Toes and Sole Stopperz from Foot Petals which help to keep my feet perfectly cushioned and allow me to strut confidently and safely. 

Foot Petals consists of over ten unique products and kits that provide women with stylish, yet invisible solutions to common problems caused by wearing their favorite shoes, especially high heels and stilettos.   

Besides the two products I mentioned, others worth highlighting include Killer Kushionz insoles which help reduce pain in wearing heels; Haute Heelz heel cushions which help absorb shock to heels, legs and lower back; and Strappy Strips which help to prevent high heel straps from cutting into the feet. 

Foot Petal products, which come in a palette of desirable colours, are available at major department stores listed in their store locator.

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