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Melissa funky jelly shoes make gorgeous eye candies

pic Melissa funky jelly shoes make gorgeous eye candies
Welcome to the world of Melissa.  The original much-loved jelly shoes that hail from Brazil. Funky. Hip. Modern. They’re gorgeous eye candies which are comfortable on the feet and seriously durable. I know, because I’m a fan since last year. 

Melissa is available in all shapes, colours and designs for every occasion.  Beach sandals, fashion shoes, flip-flops, heeled jellies and more. They’re all cheeky, fun and stylish with a 21st century edge and come complete with that bubblegum smell.  Basically, anything but safe and boring. 

In Singapore, Melissa jellies are available at Novo outlets.  And if you want to have an idea of their designs, you can look up melissaaustralia.com.au for reference.

vivawoman1 Melissa funky jelly shoes make gorgeous eye candies © www.vivawoman.net copyright notice

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  1. Hi there,

    It’s been a while since I dropped a note on your blog. Have been bogged down with work these past few weeks but still try to catch up on your posts & other blogs during weekends though I don’t post any comments.

    Great work you’ve done here! ;-)

    DT: Hey, thanks for your comments and great to hear from you again.  You haven’t been updating your own journal either. 

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