Eyecurl to lift up those lashes

For someone who hardly uses mascara, I really don’t know why I bought this heated eyelash curler.  I’ve actually had it for awhile but only started using it recently again.  This gadget is quite simple to use, but I do find it a little time consuming.  It probably gets better with practice but if I’m in a hurry, I’ll still stick to my normal metal curler.

This Eyecurl works great with mascara, but because I’m slightly allergic to mascara at the moment, I use it without.  And of course the curl doesn’t hold for very long without the mascara.  But I find it great if I really want to lift up my lashes for some special occasions when I do apply my mascara.  It does hold for a long time.

Eyecurl works with a 1.5-volt AA battery which should last for about 2 months if used accurately.  Just turn it on and wait for the red light to come on.  Next, wait for the red strip in the centre of the curler red to go white.  Then, apply the head of the curler to the upper of lower eyelash (after you’ve applied your mascara preferably).  Finally, hold and curl.  Don’t worry about it burning your eyelids.  I’m quite clumsy but I haven’t had problems with that at all. 

It’s very affordable at S$14.90 from Sasa, without the battery.  I only wish it can curl and hold my lashes for longer without mascara.

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  1. farah says

    the profesional suggest we used eyelash curled before wear mascara…but its definitely not works for me…after i wear my mascara,my lashes will go down back..huhuhuhuh..so i put my masraca fisrt layer then wait till dry..ten i used eyelashes curler..wa la..then i put secod layer mascara..the curl stay for hours…

    Farah: I guess it depends on individual and what works. Sometimes the professionals may have a prescribed format but it doesn’t work for everyone.

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