Fashion tip on faux handbags

Some time ago, I wrote about the brand of fashion accessories by Peter Belisi, a fashion forward designer.   In addition to their tie and scarf collections, the brand now offers  luxury handbags.  And here’s something interesting taken from his Belisi Fashion Tip Today about what to look for in faux handbags.

Keep in mind that you are still paying for a purse that needs to stand up to some wear and last you at least a full season. So check that your knock off purse is made with sturdy materials and precision seams. If you see loose threads and thin patches in the lining, opt for a different replica hand bag. Just because you are paying less than designer prices for a purse does not mean that you should settle for shoddy craftsmanship. Even knock off designer handbags can be long-lasting and attractively made.

Not the usual tip isn’t it?  Anyway, Peter Belisi is one who believes that accessories are the start, not the finish of the design-inspired look.  With the right accessories, even average garments are transformed into winning style. Hence, be sure that his handbags are nothing but of high quality and great style.

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