The hazardous price of beauty

How many times have we heard of the phrase “there’s a price to pay for beauty”?  It’s true if we think about the amount we splurge on beauty products.  Fortunately, we always know the prices in advance.  There are however, some prices we really don’t want to pay but end up having to do so when we’re not careful.  I’m talking about the price of health hazards when it comes to the matter of beauty and style.   There are many of course, but here I’ll just focus on three fairly common ones.  The sort of errors we make or could possibly make without giving much thoughts to.

Infections from makeup sampling

I’ve seen many ladies actually trying those lipsticks on their lips at department store makeup counters without stopping to think that they could be exposing themselves to germs unwittingly.  

The worst has to those makeovers because nobody knows who has touched or used those face powder, blusher and eye shadows before you.  The pencils, brushes and sponges are also questionable.  So is the hygiene level of the beautician who is touching your face because I’ve never seen a washing basin at a makeup counter. And really, we don’t know if they’ve wash their hands after visiting the toilets do we?

Perhaps I’m being neurotic but still, it would do us some good to open our eyes a little wider when we try out such beauty products in order not to subject ourselves to any unknown infections.

Those killer shoes

Many a times, we end up buying shoes that look pretty but are really bad for our feet.  Like having to force our toes into the tight confines of the narrow toe box of your high heels, and as a result, developing all sorts of foot problems like corns and calluses, nail fungus, ingrown toenail, hammertoe, bunions amongst others.  High heels are also known culprits of backache and knee problems, something that I’m currently suffering from.

Always go for shoes that are uncomfortable on our feet especially if we have to wear them all the time.  High heels can be worn but not if you need to stand or walk in them the entire day.  Remember to love your feet and give them room to breath!

Big bag, big pain

And if you’re following the latest trend and going for those oversized handbags, please watch the weight.  You could end up suffering neck and shoulder pain, headaches and even numbness especially because you tend to lift that shoulder up to stop the bag from sliding off your shoulder.

If you must carry a big bag, try not to stuff everything in there and do switch shoulders so as not to burden one side.

Beauty inside out

At the end of the day, it’s about striking a balance.  It’s always useful that we constantly remind ourselves to take our overall well-being into consideration when trying to look beautiful.  Being admired maybe one thing but it’s really pointless if we don’t feel good or even get sick all in the quest for beauty and style.   That would definitely not be feeling beautiful inside out!

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