Fyrinnae vegan eye shadow

While I don’t wear eye makeup that frequently, I still like to experiment with colours.  It’s just that I’ve been limited by the depth of my pocket to test out the gamut of colours under so many brands.  However, since chancing upon Fyrinnae, my eyes have been opened real wide. 

Fyrinnae is quite possibly, the holy grail of eye shadow.  

Imagine.  Over 160 shades of eye shadows in any imaginable shades, tones and finishes and still adding more every month.  Very. Hard. To. Resist. 

When I was browsing through their website, I was a little unsure about the colours, given the overwhelming range.  Fortunately, the website offers pictures of the eye shadow applied wet and dry, which gives an idea of the depth of each shade.  In addition, I was able to run through the reviews to get some feedback on the glittery teal.

All their eye shadows come packed in a 3 grams clear jar at US$5.25.   However, because there are so many choices,  it made committing rather difficult.  Good thing Fyrinnae understands this and offer their eye shadows in sample packs for customers to test the colours and this is what I did.  

I ordered a few of their 1/4 teaspoon eye shadow samples which comes in small zip-close bags at only $1.25 each.   To avoid abuse, they impose a limit of 25 samples per order, and one sample per colour.  

I’ve to say that I’m very happy with what I’ve used and seen.  I particular love Arcadia and Forbidden Lover under their pink and purple shades.   Blend them with Black Plum and I could possibily come up with purplish smokey eyes.  Some of their blue and green shades are lovely too, like Dragonskin which I’ve tried.

To help the eye shadow stay longer, I also ordered Fyrinnae Silken Eye Shadow Base.  This product is a little tricky to use as I found the texture difficult to blend well.  But once I’m able to,  it acts as a sort of base and my eye makeup do look better with it.  For some reasons however, I don’t seem to find it on their website anymore.

Frankly, since chancing upon Fyrinnae, I find it very difficult to look at other brands of eye shadows.  How can I?  Fyrinnae’s range is gorgeously wide and their prices are so affordable.  And did I mention that all their products are natural and not tested on animals?

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