Jurlique Rose Hand Cream

There’s a reason why Jurlique Rose Hand Cream is so popular and pricey.  And the reason is that it scores high on the feel good factor, enticing me to want to indulge my hands with this cream over and over again. 

First Contributing Feel Good Factor
The rose scent is so sweet, a whiff of the smell sends my spirit soaring high.  In fact, it can get addictive and I find myself wanting to apply this hand cream very frequently, even though it is not because my hands are feeling dry.  Rather, it is only because I cannot get enough of the rose scent! 

Second Contributing Feel Good Factor
Apart from the sweet fragrance, this hand cream also scores on its quality.  I just need to dab a little of it and rub on and my hands immediately feel velvety soft and supple.  The best part is the cream is very light and even though it feels slightly greasy initially, the cream penetrates into the skin very quickly, leaving no heavy feeling afterwards. 

Third Contributing Feel Good Factor
This hand cream is made from natural and herbal antioxidants, as well as vitamins and plant based ingredients grown organically and biodynamically on the Jurlique Herb Farms in South Australia.  No artificial colors, fragrance, petrochemical or coal tar ingredients. Not tested on animals. No animal contents.  Definitely the type of product I desire.

Besides the rose scent, Jurlique also offers the hand cream with the lavender fragrance.  However, unless you’re a die-hard lavender fan, I strongly recommend the rose for the same amount of money. 

As to the price, I did initially flinch at the S$30 price tag for the 40ml.  But I now consider it worthy considering what is in it, although admittedly, it does take a while for this consideration to sink in completely.  Oh, and by the way, $30 was after discount because of a year-end promotion.  The original is retailing at $37 at Tangs.  The product is also available internationally at StrawberryNET.com for US$25. 

One teeny-weeny complaint though.  The metal tube gets ugly after prolonged usage and that disturbs me somewhat. 

Okay.  I’m being anal.  I admit.

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