Ret rid of those armpit hair

I really want to get rid of my underarm hair.  Permanently if possible.  However, I’m too embarrassed to go to the doctor for a laser or an electrolysis hair removal.   So I shave.  Yes, that’s what I do.

I did try other means but those methods prove too time consuming, painful or messy.  For example, plucking my armpit hair on an almost daily basis.  It was feasible when I could afford a longer time in the bathroom.  But with time constraints now, I’ve to resort to quicker methods.  And I’ve tried using hair removal creams like Veet, but yikes, it’s smelly and messy plus it burns my skin sometimes.  So I’m back to shaving daily.

Actually, there are other options available for me to consider, according to information I’ve read from this body hair removal online store.   For example, hair growth inhibitor sprays or lotions which slows down, and eventually stops the growth of the hair by working on the root level.   I’m concerned however, about the safety of such products but I’m assured that they are safe and will actually moisturise the skin at the same time.

An interesting product featured is this sugaring hair removal which apparently works similar to waxing, except that the body sugaring gel will not stick to my skin, but only adheres to the hair. That probably means it is less painful. Moreover, the product uses natural ingredient, is even safe to be used on the face and is inexpensive. The only drawback to me is that it does sound time consuming and the effects will only last for up to two months.

Another alternative is to get a handheld electronic epilator which is supposed to keep me hair-free for up to six weeks.  While the initial cost is higher, but it is a one-time cost and it maybe worthwhile considering it is convenient to use and provide speedy effects. 

Okay, I think I should seriously consider getting this as it does sound suitable for my requirements.   I will need to check out the available products and provide a review when I do get hold of one.  Hopefully soon.

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  1. Lia says

    i face the same problem too! hair removal cream, gel, wax… i tried them all, nothing works for me, problem unsolved, money wasted. my current tool is the electronic epilator, this works the best thus far BUT it certainly doesn’t keep me hair-free for up to few weeks as the packaging box states. it is 3-4 days for me, no matter what is still better than daily task right? =P sigh… i am such a hairy monster…

    Lia: 3-4 days only? Hmmm…which brand did you use? I saw some at Best Denki and am thinking of buying one of those.

  2. noshin says

    hii .. i like ur tips please guide me … my armpits are very dark because in begining i used to use cream after that it became darker now i m using wax but need to clear wth dark lines… plz guide me… thank u

  3. rose says

    I do shave my arm pits (and under bikini area) on regular basis. within 2 days again they appear, I cannot wear armless tops after 2 days. I tried using after shave and now my arm pits looks stunning black, I am ashamed to lift my arms. I hope there is some remeady. please advice

    • sesame says

      I stop shaving. Try using wax strips for awhile. They’ll stop your hair from sprouting so quickly. Now, I use tweezers and the hair don’t grow so fast.

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