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This is so timely.  Right after I’ve sent a message to my friend Ashes asking her not to wear her contact lens for too long because she has been suffering from eye infection for the past two days, I get an opportunity to review a website about contact lenses health information.

The website I’m reviewing belongs to AC Lens which has all of the contact lens information needed to keep eyes healthy and feeling fresh.  Their newly launched section on contact lenses health not only has a FAQ about contact lenses, but useful articles regarding vision care and an “Ask The Doctor” feature as well as a forum with over 30,000 posts.  By using the resource, contact lens users can get some quick everyday vision questions along with more advanced answers. 

For example, I find the information regarding how to combat dry eyes from contact lens wear very useful for me.  And if you’re like me, spending two or more hours a day using a computer, you may potentially suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome with some or all of the following symptoms:

Headache: due to eye-strain

Aches & Pains: especially of the shoulders and neck due to poor posture at the computer because the wearer is sitting at an unnatural position/angle in order to obtain good vision

Dry Eyes: due to reduced blinking

Tired Eyes: due to strain focusing on the screen

Blurred Vision: due to decreased tears and focusing difficulties

In severe cases, doctors need to be consulted and special computer glasses maybe prescribed.  And to alleviate the symptoms, the article suggest that we must always ensure we have adequate lightings, avoid eyestrain and block out excessive bright lights from the exterior. 

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