Use fewer skincare products

Just picked up this very useful article from titled “Want Beautiful Skin?  Try Using Fewer Skincare Products.”  According to it, mixing some products can actually cause more harm to our skin.   Something I believe many of us women are very much guilty of.

Lee Jong-min of Re&New Clinic, explained that some cosmetics contain ingredients that can lead to problems when combined. Many cosmetics contain preservatives to prevent decay and emulsifiers to help substances blend and stay smooth. If you’re not careful, Lee said, you can make skin problems worse by using too many products at once.

These substances are important to maintain PH levels and allow the products to be absorbed into the skin properly,” Lee said. “The levels are balanced in the cosmetics. But if a consumer uses several different products together, like creams and lotions and such, the balance can be thrown off, and the various agents can offset the effects of the products.”

In addition, the article also discussed why expensive does not necessarily mean good when it comes to skincare products.

This is definitely a very good read, in terms of enhancing our beauty knowledge as well as saving our pockets.

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