Whitening the Asian skin

According to research, Asian skin has been found to contain more and bigger melanosomes and melanocytes and have longer dendrites than those of Caucasian skin.  In addition, because the color of our melanin tends to be darker and the stratum corneum is very thin, hence, we are more proned to pigmentation. 

Beauty houses are well aware of this and are constantly coming out with products to target Asian women who enthusiastically pursue whitening.  Every brand will carry at least one, if not more range of whitening products.

Just flip through the latest issue of any woman’s magazine and there will be an overwhelming gamut of advertisements on whitening products targeting at Asian skin. 

From Estee Lauder Cyber White, Lancom Blanc Expert Neurowhite X, Clinic Derma White Micro-Motion C Serum, Yves Saint Laurent White Mode, Biotherm White Detox, Diorsnow Sublissime, Chanel Blanc Essentiel, Clarins WhitePlusHP to L’Occitane Immortelle Very Precious Fluid; the ads are almost running from cover to cover. 

Most of these products promise to tackle pigmentation by preventing melanin darkening or prevent excess melanin production.   Some actually promote instant skin clarity.  Do they really?

Based on my experience with such whitening products, some of them do help to make our skin whiter, but not necessarily lightening the existing dark spots.   It depends.  If it’s only the topmost layer of cells which are damaged, this could possibly be reversed with mere lotions and creams.  Otherwise, it may have to take laser treatments to eradicate those dreadful spots.

Hence, while some of these products maybe effective in inhibiting pigmentation, they are still supplementary.   It is still necessary to keep persistent skin care with everyday products, especially those that block UV rays.  Get into the habit of applying sunblock to your face everyday and re-apply every two to three hours when possible.

Remember ladies, pigmentation can be initiated with only a few minutes of UV exposure but it will take weeks and months to reverse the process.

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