Inexpensive effective anti-perspirant

If you’re looking for an inexpensive but effective anti-perspirant, I would recommend Marks and Spencer Lavender Anti-Perspirant Roll-On under the Floral Collection.

This is a delicately fragranced alcohol free anti perspirant roll-on specially formulated to reduce stinging.  I’ve been using this deodorant for a few years and have been rather happy with it, in the absence of an effective alternative.  It really works, keeping me smelling quite fresh for hours.

But it isn’t perfect of course.  This formula is a tad sticky for my liking.  It actually stains my clothes at-you-know-where.  Sometimes if I apply it and put on my blouse too quickly, it actually goes on my blouse, meaning I lose the effect on my armpit quite completely.  So you can imagine how I smell that day.

Overall however, I’ll still give this a thumps up.  The best is M&S actually introduced a few fragrances so we have choices.  In fact, I alternate between this and Freesia and both are equally effective.  For the price of S$7.90 for the 50ml, this is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for an inexpensive effective anti-perspirant. 

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  1. says

    Have you tried Nivea men’s roll-on deodorant? I have been using it for sometime and love the anti-residual, lightening effects and the light fragrance that somehow can last through the day.

    DR: I have heard some pple raving about Nivea but I didn’t think it was the men’s. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

  2. says

    ooooh, this is a real nice tip! glad i found your page!

    i love lavender so i’m gonna definitely try it! 😀

    Mayang: Hope it’ll work for you!

  3. Pia Larsson says


    I am a HEAVY sweater, which I am certainly not happy about, and the ONLY deodorant that has ever worked for me is DKNY Be Delicious Deodorant Stick. It does cost a bit but it is worth every single penny!! It smells divine and makes me stay fresh for long! Cheers from melbourne, Pia

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