Making unique pretty jewelries

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was contemplating if I should take up a new jewelry making course at the community centre.  Well, *ahem* I thought that it’ll be quite nice to do something for myself. 

But in the end, I didn’t sign up because I got lazy.  Anyway, I think I’ll just contend myself with surfing the web and ogling at artisan jewelry made professionally.   I mean looking at their work, I doubt if I can come up with anything near.  The artists have obviously put in a lot of effort in handcrafting the unique pieces.  Which is why in most cases, these jewelries are exclusive and one of a kind.  Handiwork is one thing.  Just looking at the pieces, you can tell these artists have spent a great deal of time selecting the stones and beads that make their pieces interesting.

My friends who are into making jewelries tell me the same thing.  That they spend their time thinking of interesting designs. 

So I should really drop the idea of making my own pieces.  Heheh.  And that reminds me.  Time to place new orders with my friends!

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