Pure vitamin E oil reduces laugh lines

Vitamin E which is widely used in moisturisers and creams is a well known home remedy for clearing up scars.  In fact, many have said that a little vitamin E dabbed on the skin can also remove stretch marks, and even heal wounds.  But some studies have also refuted such claims and that the scar-busting properties of vitamin E are overstated.

Well, I suppose the only way to prove this is to test the vitamin on ourselves.  And I recently read that Paris Beaverbanks, whom I’ve featured before but has gone to start a new blog My Women Stuff, has been using pure vitamin E oil to moisturise her face.

While her results was nothing related to scar healing, it was nonetheless amazing after just one week of usage of the oil only in the night as she found it too rich to be used during the day.

The immediate result I noticed was the lightening of the lines around my mouth, what is known as “laugh lines”. I had quite prominent laugh lines, but after about a week, they are now barely noticable. The slightly deeper lines will take longer, but any fine lines I have seem to have evened themselves out a bit.

Wow, isn’t that something? 

The two brands that Paris recommends are Colonial Dames Vitamin E Oil and Organic Aid Vitamin E Oil.  You can read her full review of both products at her blog.   

In fact, I’ve to say that I’m really tempted to try vitamin E oil on the dryer parts of my face after reading her review. 

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  1. says

    Vit E oil is great but just go easy if used in the day, esp in our humid climate and esp if you have combination or oily skin. It can bring a ‘shine’ to your face and may be a little sticky on hot days… ideal when used in the night tho’… jsut avoid the T-zone if you have combination skin. Just my 2 cents :)

    Doris: You’re right! Paris did mentioned in her post just that I didn’t put that in. Perhaps I should do a minor edit to reflect that fact in case others get mistaken.

  2. pertiegurlie says

    That may work, but personally I find all laugh lines, on both men and women, extremely beautifying. I think they add a lovely touch to the face. I don’t have any–yet–so maybe I’ll “sing a different tune” once I do get them. Maybe. But so far, I really admire a lovely face with “happy” wrinkles that show all that joy that was lived.

    pertiegurlie: I think I know what you mean. It’s weird to see a face without lines…kind of fake…unless of course they’re babies.

  3. Helen says

    Hello I just subscribed, and I have a question I have some scars on my legs from mesquito bites that are taking forever to heal and with summer right around the corner I want to wear shorts.

    How long does it usually take for vitamin e oil to reduce scars?

    Helen: Vitamin E can heal new and small scars much quicker. If yours is an old one, I am frankly not sure if it’ll heal quickly.

  4. Helen says

    Yes mine are relatively old, almost a year. There not as dark as they were but I keep putting the Vitamin E oil and Cocoa Butter Creme on them.

    Are there any other pointers, or do think what I am doing will eventually help fade the scarring.

    Helen: I can’t say for sure. There are some so-called scar removal products in the market but again, I’m not certain how effective they are. I’m currently using rosehip oil on my face and I see that it helps to remove small scars, but only if they’re newly formed. Anything too old, a bit tough. My husband tans himself to get rid of some scars and I say it works for him. But I hate the sun…

  5. Stephy says

    I am EXTREMELY dry, so use that as a filter. Using oils on my skin has basically been the only thing to keep it from becoming extremely flakey, painful and even embarrasing — especially in the winter.

    I use vitamin E oil on my face in the morning and night and it makes a huge difference. I get much less flakier and any fine lines I have had seem to have vanished. (They were probably symptoms of dehydration).

  6. myra says

    Hi, i had chickenpox for the past 3 weeks and now i still have those marks on my face. I just bought this vitamin E oil and the moisturizing cream, both from organic aid. I’ve been wondering whether this product could help to heal all the marks due to chickenpox.

    • sesame says

      It might over time cos they’re new marks. Another oil you can try is rosehip oil…it’s good for healing new scars too.


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