The hip Zip-It bags and purses

Maybe you’ve seen it.  Maybe you’ve been eyeing it.  Or maybe you’ve already got it.  What am I talking about?  Zip-It, the one-of-a-kind bag, tote, purse and wallet that zips into shape when you need it.  It’s the hip zip!

Zip-It bags start out as a flat zipper.  All you need to do is to pull the zipper and watch your bag take shape.  I’ve seen it being sold at Level 2 of Suntec City and thought it was uniquely fashionable. 

Zip-It comes in a range of designs, sizes and colours such as cosmetic purse, evening bag, beach bag, shopping tote and even backpack. 

Besides Suntec City, you can also get Zip-It at Level 3 of Wisma Atria.   For more details, look up

If you’re outside of Singapore and cannot find this fashion bag in your retail store, you can buy it online from various sites, including

Happy zipping!

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