100% vegan hair regrowth formula

I’ve always been paranoid about my hair.  Actually more so than my face.  Well, that’s because I’m afraid of losing my already fine and thin crop of hair.  So products which help to strengthen hair and combat hair loss will always get my attention. 

This product that I’m previewing, Samson’s Secret regrowth formula, particularly gets my interest because it is an all-natural blend of herbs and natural supplements to help our body grow longer, stronger strands of hair. 

475479756 5a644a767a o 100% vegan hair regrowth formulaWhile there are many causes of hair loss for women, Samson’s Secret has proven to work very well to stimulate female hair follicles to begin growing natural hair strands.  According to their research and clinical studies, maximum hair growth results have been achieved after using Samson’s Secret for three consecutive months.  Users report of having a noticeable improvement of stronger, luster and healthier hair with less breakage.

This is because there are altogether 9 herbal ingredients used in Samson’s Secret which are carefully blended to yield a high potency dietary supplement, promote healthy hair growth, nourish hair follicles and support the nervous system to reduce stress.  

Burdock, cayenne, and nettle work together to remove toxins from the body.  This process prepares the body and hair folicles to receive the nutritional herbs, which are rosemary, sage, oat straw, sarsaparilla, spirulina, and kelp.   So when used on a daily basis, these herbs work together to remove toxins from the bloodstream, making an environment more favorable to absorb the required nutrients for hair growth.

A 100% vegan formula, Samson’s Secret herbal hair loss treatment is produced without the use of genetic engineering.  It is an organic solution with no synthetic combinations.  What does this means? 

Well, it means users get only the best from the source of the herbs and will not suffer risk of any side effects due to the all-natural formulation.  In fact, customers have a choice of using Samson’s Secret in two forms: gel-caps and liquid.  Both have the same formula so the decision is up to the consumer.  However, it is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women as well as children under 12.

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  1. says

    so how much does this cost and where can we purchase this? thx

    jess: Click on the links provided in my entry then look out for the order page. It is about US$30 per bottle. Write to them for international shipping.

  2. mui says

    Hi there,
    I know this is a pretty old post to dig up, but any follow up reviews? Did you manage to try it?

    Mui: No, I haven’t got round to trying it.

  3. Amira says

    I had heard about it a couple of times and seems to be very popular among people who had been affected by hair loss. But a good review doesn’t always assure that the product is working properly and effectively. so just be very careful on choosing your treatment.
    Amira last post is: http://hairloss24.com

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