Gold coin jewelries

How do you feel about wearing gold coin jewelries?  During my wedding, one of my brothers gave me a huge gold coin pendant.  It must have been costly but I felt like I was wearing a medallion.  It was, I am sorry to say, not something I’m proud to wear.

Sure I know that gold coins are valuable because they offer divisible size and are universally acceptable in a recognizable form, hence people like to buy gold coin to protect wealth and preserve one’s purchasing power.

But still, I find it hard to wear jewelries made with gold coins.  Most of them scream of vulgar opulence.  Very few are elegant enough to be worn. 

So imagine my surprise when I found some lovely handmade polished rose quartz bracelet with 5 antique gold effect ancient coin trinkets from  I suppose the antique effect on the coin added some charm to the bracelet which is also available in polished citrine.

Costing 75 pounds, it has been reportedly worn as an anklet by a well-known celebrity ‘footballers wife’ and singer in her own right.  Care to guess who that might be?

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