Lazy Susan cupcake couture

handmade brooches

Aren’t these cupcakes too pretty to be eaten?  Why they are. 

Handmade by Lazy Susan, who are really two food-fanatical, confection-crazy craftsters who hail from Singapore, these totally cute kitschy one-of-a-kind treats are to be worn! 

Yes!  Wear unique cupcakes, gingerbread men, sushi, dim sum and even ice creams made of felt with pretty embellishments of beads, sequins, buttons, lace and ribbons as brooches or have them made into hair pins, hair clips, necklaces, charm bracelets, or even sewn as appliques onto handmade purses. 

And in case you’re wondering how you can put this on just as I did, you might like to know that each design comes with a stainless steel rear-mounted pin with either a rotary clasp or a luxury Japanese safety pin fastener.   

Prices range from S$15 to S$25 and Lazy Susan is able to take custom orders too, making wearable treats according to your specifications.  In addition, these yummy treats can be served internationally, all freshly baked!

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  1. ashes says

    Very nice & pretty! I like! 😉

    ashes: So cute right? How come I cannot be so creative huh?

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