Leaf motifs and baggy jeans

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If you like mother earth, now is the time to add some nature to your stye.

Earthy leaf motifs in particular, are hot, according to Hillary Duff, Angie Harmon and Nikki Hilton featured in the April 30 issue of Life & Style Weekly

And complete your simple nature girl look by going for fuss-free makeup, hair and baggy jeans. 

Don’t know how? 

Then take a cue from beautiful celebs like Penelope Cruz, Katie Holmes, Gwyneth Paltrow & Jessica Alba who are looking gorgeously fabulous with their wide leg jeans.

Skinny jeans?  Ah, so passe.

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  1. says

    I always like the slouchy wide leg jeans look, coupled with a tight fitting tanktop. Glad it’s back. I could not stand the skinny jeans espy when the fashion swung towards the totally tapered to the ankles look! My god! So fugly.

    DR: Skinny jeans are not for everyone. If you’ve got skinny legs, omg…and if you’ve got fat legs, also omg…

  2. says

    Thank goodness I have not gotten a single skinny jeans when the rage was on recently! I hardly wear jeans these days. More skirts, capris and shorts for me as I hate wearing jeans in singapore’s hot humid weather.

    msff: I don’t wear jeans pants. I don’t look good in them. So only jeans skirts for me or shorts…

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