Oil-based cleanser for cleaner face

Sana  Ho-Jun-Ki Cleansing OilFor years, I have only used cleansing lotions of western brands to remove my makeup. I have heard so much about the Koreans and Japanese using oil-based cleansers but was a little of an oil-phobe to try my hands on one until recently with the new Sana Ho-Jun-Ki Cleansing Oil

So what’s the difference? 

I realised that normal makeup removing lotion do not focus on pore cleansing care but this 100% raw royal jelly containing Vitamin C derivative promises to shrink pores by removing all traces of clogged dirts and sebums in pores.  

Having used it for a few weeks now, I have to admit that it is more effective in removing impurities and dirt than the lotions I’ve used.  As a matter of fact, I noticed that my blackheads on my nose are noticeably less prominent than before.  And the number one good thing I realised now about using oil cleansers is that I just need one cleanser to clean my entire face of makeup, eye shadow and mascara.  No need for a separate eye makeup remover. 

The drawback however is that because it is oil-based, I take a longer time to completely remove the oil residue.  After massaging the oil into my face to remove my makeup, I tissue off and have to use a foaming wash to wash my face twice to feel it being squeaky clean again.  But otherwise, I don’t have too much problem with this.

Like many, while I acknowledge that cleansers are important, but I had the mentality that all cleansers are the same.  However, like toner, it appears that some cleansers cleanse more thoroughly than others.

In fact, it appears that some cleansers cannot remove all the dirt and makeup in the pores, and leave residue behind even after rinsing. This can create an invisible build up of residue and dirt on our skin.  Added to the already clogged up dead cells on the horny layer which is the first layer of our epidermis, our skin may become dull, flaky or even break out. So it is just good investment to use an effective and thorough cleanser to maintain a healthy, clean horny layer.

And when it comes to removing makeup, cleansing oil is regarded as the best because of the fact that it is oil and it will break down and melt away just about any makeup and grime on our face, with as little friction as possible.

It is smearing oil on the face alright but with the right oil-based cleanser, layers of oily debris are adequately removed, leaving behind nothing but ultra-clean skin.

Sana Ho-Jun-Ki Cleansing Oil (150ml) is S$19 at Nishino in Mediya but you can buy it at a slightly lesser price online on Yahoo auctions like here.

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  1. says

    I have a little tip to get more of the oil off without using a cleanser afterward. I’ve been using a wet waschloth to get the cleansing oil off — I run it under hot tap water, wring it out, and leave it on my face (a mini-steam, if you will) until it gets cool to the touch, and then wipe off the oil.

    mamichan: That’s a useful tip. Thanks! :smile: I’ll have to try it sometime…on days I have a bit more time to spare.

  2. says

    Hmm.. isn’t it a little harsh to wash your face twice again to get rid of the oil? have you tried Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil? It’s reputably the best but not for me though… I get eczema straightaway after rinse-off.

    DR: I think it’s okay cos my cleanser is very mild and isn’t drying. Haven’t tried Shu Uemura’s. It’s the best? Hmmm…maybe will check it out…but not necessary want to buy though.

  3. says

    Oh i use DHC Cleansing Oil to cleanse off my makeup too! And I have to use a mild cleansing water to remove the residue as I have very sensitive skin which threatens to break out if it is not clean enough.

    Tried Shu and it broke me out badly, prob coz it contains mineral oil. hmm

    msff: Yeah…mineral oil is a big no-no for sensitive skin. Even I wouldn’t want mineral oil on my normal skin.

  4. Lia says

    i always prefer japanese brands for skincare than those from the west as i believe in japan technology and the fact that their research is based on asian skin type and developed just us =) i have been using Fancl Cleansing Oil for about 2 years now and i absolutely love it, it really cleanse away all makeup in one step, no need separates too. and this doesn’t need to tissue off, just rinse off with water will do and the face will feel very soft thereafter. i do follow up with a mild cleanser too but er… is kiasu on my own part hahaha. however, Fancl is known for preservative free so no fragrance is used as well, so this might be one drawback for some people, it doesn’t smell awful but no nice nice aroma loh =)

    Lia: You use Fancl? Sounds good eh? Maybe I’ll look it up too. No smell is okay. I don’t mind. For Japanese skincare products, it depends. I prefer their cosmetics as some of their products are more interesting. Hey, btw, I haven’t been going round your blog cos I’m not too sure if you want me to read since you’ve been moving quite a bit.

  5. Lia says

    just in case you are checking out fancl, they have trial set, so won’t have to waste much money in case doesn’t like it =) my blog ah, welcome welcome, but as you know, i don’t blog often and still not revealing much of myself too =) oh the moving thing, not for any reason, just so me, i like changes, even for no reason, i can move my furniture left to right, room to hall, as and well i feel like a change =)

    Lia: Hey thanks for the tip. Yes, I prefer sample sizes. Can try and won’t feel the pinch if they don’t work. And glad to know that I’m still welcome to visit your blog. :smile:

  6. flym says

    I’m sticking to Fancl cleansing oil for removing makeup. Besides its effectiveness and ease of use, I find that it doesn’t clog the basin pipes like other oil/lotion/cream based cleansers do when they’re rinsed away.

    flym: Cleansing oil without mineral oil are popular. I haven’t tried Fancl or DHC which others have been raving but may want to try using pure olive oil to cleanse just to see how well it works.

    • Siew Ying says

      Just commenting, I’ve tried Michelle Phan’s DIY makeup remover by mixing around 100ml of extra virgin olive oil with 400ml of water (rough estimates, I just gauge by sight). Tried it for the first time yesterday, and I was surprised how well it cleanses off my makeup. I like wiping off makeup with cotton pads (so that I can see the dirt and makeup coming off) and commercial cleansing oils are supposed to be emulsified before washing off without using any cotton pads. It’s still a little greasy for me but I follow up with my African Black Soap. I’ve been having a breakout recently and my pimples were flattened considerably the morning after. I wonder if the reason is that my Bioderma cleansing water didn’t clean off my makeup thoroughly (tinted sunscreen, pressed powder, eyeshadow and blush). And it’s so cheap! The only downside is that I’m not sure how long the mixture can be kept and that the oil may corrode the plastic bottle of the mineral water I used – I shall replace with a glass bottle and see how it goes.

      • Sesame says

        Siew Ying: try adding one capsule of vitamin E to prolong the lifespan of your oil into the mixture. Water can breed bacteria. Or make a smaller batch.

  7. jo says

    hi where can can i get Sana Ho-Jun-Ki Cleansing Oil? Where is Nishino in Mediya?? As for Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil, you can get sample from its counter at most of the major depatmental store. i got mine at metro. they come in sachet.

    Jo: Nishino is just in front of Mediya. It’s a pharmacy. I also understand Sana is available at some Sasa store but I don’t know specifically which ones carry this product. Oh, I didn’t know they’re generous with samples. I’ll ask them the next time! Thanks! :)

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