Short nails and retro sneakers

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Long nails are out – they age hands!  Short red nails are the hot new power statements. 

This is what I found out from the April 23 issue of Life & Style Weekly.  And if you don’t like red, you can have them in crisp and neat white like Halle’s or Paris Hilton’s bubblegum pink.  Whatever colour, just make sure they’re well trimmed!

And for your casual weekend wardrobe, check out retro sneakers, like those worn by Lauren Conrad (LC) in the picture.  Or get comfortable and look cute in pretty pastel, refreshing gingham print or spunky metalic sneaks!

vivawoman1 Short nails and retro sneakers © copyright notice


  1. says

    Yeah, I can dig my contact out now. Hehehe, use to have long nails and index and thumb kept short for the contacts.

    Lilian: I actually prefer shorter nails. Sometimes long nails get in the way of too many things…

  2. says

    i’m into short nails now. :)

    side topic: because of ur lazy susan post…i ended up buying a whole lot of stuff frm them!!! hey babe, let me know when you’re setting up shop or something yah?? you got one ready customer here!!! (i.e sucker if you’ve got the right products!!!)

    imp: You did? Their stuff are really cute… Well, you know what? The thought of starting an online store did occur. But at the moment I haven’t found anything interesting and it’s always best to have your own products. But it’s definitely good to know that I’ve pointed you to something you like…

  3. says

    The reason why I never like my nails too long is first I can’t type properly and second I can’t take off my lenses. So this is good news. At least the manicurist won’t go huh when I always tell them to cut short short!

    DR: I dislike long nails as well. Up to a reasonable length, otherwise too long can make my fingertips feel funny…

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