Spotlight: flip flops galore

I love flip flops.  In fact I just bought 2 pairs for a steal over the weekend.  Not branded but the designs are cute nonetheless.   But if you’re in the market looking for the latest Havaianas or Braziliano Praia’s, then you will have to head over to the NUMflipflops which carries the latest designs. 

While you’re there, also check out their cute range of Braziliano Praia Kitten Heels, probably the first ever heeled flip flops.   Softer and more flexible than conventional heels, those flip flops come in a great variety of colors and designs.

So for your next dinner party, how about making a statement with a brand new pair of flip flops?

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    Did not even realise when flip flops became sooo popular until recently. Was wondering why.The only flip-flops I had was from BATA which was more like slippers than flip-flops.

    msff: It has been popular for quite awhile, especially with the youngsters. But I love them…

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    This is an online store for sale of flip flops. It provides the cost of the flops available together with information of the various brands. This allows viewers to have a better idea of the product that they are purchasing.

    standy: It’s NumFlipFlops’ website isn’t it? Well, the link was to refer my readers to where to locate the stores…rather than listing every one in my entry.

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