Avoid Visible Bra Strap faux pas

I was watching a video interview this afternoon and the woman who was featured had a stray bra strap dangling by the side of her arm.  It was such an eye sore. 

Because this was supposed to be a professional interview and it was not like she looked so hot with her bra strap untucked.  And the funniest thing was to come back home to read about how Visible Bra Straps are the fashion faux pas this summer from Daily Mail.

I’m definitely with the camp that says that showing straps is cheap and a turn off.  Well, unless you’ve got those pretty beady bra straps on or bras with zingy coloured straps, I’ll say keep your bra straps unseen. 

There’s a reason why strapless bra was invented by the way. 

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