Battling premenstrual symptoms

It happens every month around the same time.  Days when you’re feeling extremely cranky and highly moody, irritable and anxious on top of having that splitting headache, or a bloated tummy with bad cramps.  It’s duh PMS and how we all hate those days. 

Well, if you’ve been haunted by PMS throughout your life, it’s time to seek remedy.  Tine of Beautyholics Anonymous just wrote a very good entry in her blog titled: A Woman’s Guide to Battling PMS.  In it, she discussed several strategies to deal with PMS besides the usual pain relievers, including:

  • Taking vitamins to increase calcium intake.
  • Lowering carbohyrdrate, sodium and sugar intake.
  • Drinking more water but less caffeine and alcohol.
  • Trying out diueric herbs such as dandelion.

Personally, I have done nothing to relieve my PMS until about two years ago when I found out that drinking milk can help.  In fact, when I was without milk for a particular month recently, my PMS was at my worst. 

So if you’ve PMS, do check out Tine’s recommendations for remedies instead of just suffering in silence.  And remember to shoo away your partner temporarily if he isn’t well equipped to handle your PMS. 

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  1. fwy says

    I had heard that taking too much vitamins may cause stones later in your life. I am taking chinese medicine for my PMS instead.

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