Wishgiving: Gemstone beauties

For lovers of handmade accessories, check out Wishgiving for its classy, stylish artisan gemstone jewelries.   

All items are uniquely handmade in limited edition and a great deal of attention is paid to the design and craftsmanship.  Besides the design, I also like their emphasis on using gemstone to balance spiritual and physical well-being, giving the wearer a sense of overall harmony with their inner self. 

Our artists’ designs are made to highlight the gemstones’ natural beauty as we believe them to be the centerpieces of our creations. We design with important goals of capturing the beauty of each gemstone and its special properties so that the wearer may have the same appreciation for these lovely gemstones.

Wishgiving’s products are available for international shipping and readers of Viva Woman can further benefit from a 10% discount.  Simply use this coupon code: vivawoman during checkout at the coupon section to enjoy the good deal!

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