Healthy full bloom tea

I am a tea lover and I’m based in Asia, but I’ve never seen anything like this.  Not only are these unique handcrafted artisan teas from China high in antioxidants, when steeped in water that has been boiled, the tea leaves will supposedly twist, turn, move and bloom right before our eyes into amazing floral bouquets.  How interesting and therapeutic must that be!   

These unique tea blooms from Full Bloom Tea are said to contain the finest rare silver needle white tea leaves rich in antioxidants and come in a few mild flower flavours such as jasmine, globe amaranth and marigold.  Not only do they make great tea, these blooms can even later be used as floral bouquets on the dining table for a day or two afterwards.  Talk about the art of drinking tea!

I can just imagine the delight and appreciation of someone receiving these as gifts in the form of greeting blooms.  I for one would be certain that the whole process of making this tea and drinking it will lift my mood positively.  In fact, I can almost smell the faint scent of jasmine now! 

Tea lovers will also be happy to know that Full Bloom Tea offers many different choices of blooms, and has even packaged them into unique favors for special events; including a Heart, Trinket Box, Cube Box and Take out Box.  Just think of how the recipients must feel when they receive something as unique and interesting as these.

And thanks to the very thoughtful people at Full Bloom Tea, these blossoming tea are currently ready to be shipped internationally and there is a 20% discount now through till June 30th on all flavours.  

Excellent time to enjoy tea if you ask me.

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