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Kanzashi flower hair clips

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No hibiscus please.  If you like to wear flowers on your hair, then you ought to check out these really pretty kanzashi hair clips.  Kanzashi, by the way, are Japanese folded fabric hair ornaments traditionally worn with kimonos and here’s a little history on this Japanese hair ornament:

Hair styles were considered to symbolize the soul of a woman, and naturally hair ornaments played an important role in the wardrobe. Hair-pins (kanzashi) originated as “Kazashi no hana”, which were believed to magically endow a woman with the pureness and essence of flowers. 

And more interesting is that these kanzashis are just going for US$8 per piece including shipping.  Need I say more?

vivawoman1 Kanzashi flower hair clips © www.vivawoman.net copyright notice

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