Makeup range for Asian women

Thi Cosmetics for Asian women

Finally, a makeup range that’s specially created to celebrate Asian Beauty.  Thi Cosmetics – created by Taylor Pham, a makeup artist extraordinaire based in the US.

After being frustrated by the lack of cosmetics on the  market for Asian women, Taylor set out to create a makeup line that celebrates natural beauty for women of all color.

One of Thi’s most acclaimed products is the Lush Lashes. Thi’s Lush Lashes has become one of the must have products in many celebrity’s makeup kit. Celebrity makeup artist such as Karen Mitchell who’s worked on starlets such as Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba and the Victoria Secret Angles loves Thi Lush Lashes for its light and natural appeal.

Thi Cosmetics is currently sold exclusively in Japan and online.  Check out the website to get tips and recommendations on products to achieve the perfect look for different occasions;  from getting a luminous feminine everyday look to creating that smoldering eyes or sultry flirty charm for the evening. 

And products aside, there’s even a section where Taylor Pham shares her techniques on how to accentuate the eyes in a few simple steps.  So whether yours are no-fold eyes, small crease eyes or prominent crease eyes, you’ll find excellent tips to define, contour, highlight and shade your Asian eye shapes.

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