Pick the right diamond shape

When it comes to engagement rings, many women today want to carve out their personal style and have a design that reflect their personality. They like their rings to make an emotional statement and be able to reflect who they are. Therefore, these women are more proactive when it comes to influencing how their engagement ring will look like and many are even picking the designs themselves, from the ring setting to the 4 Cs of cut, clarity, color and carat.

Discerning women are also discovering that the unique character and distinctiveness that can be found in different fancy shapes of diamonds can make their engagement rings stand out. Instead of choosing the usual round brilliant diamond, women who want a different design of ring are looking at other myriad diamond shapes like Marquise, Oval, Pear, Heart, Asscher, Emerald, Princess, Cushion, Trillion, Radiant, Baguette, Old Miner, and European.

And according to what I’ve read at Abazias Diamonds, different shapes can have markedly different effects on a given hand. For example, a round diamond tends to have a foreshortening effect on hands. If the hand wearing the diamond has short fingers, this will be accented when wearing a round shaped diamond. A rectangular shaped diamond will produce the opposite effect, causing fingers to appear longer.

Hence, if you’re thinking of designing your own engagement ring, you might want to read up more at the website on tips for choosing the right diamond shape for yourself.

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