Starlet accessories for Asian women

Effortless charm. Sexy but sweet.  Getting attention without demanding it.  That’s the design philosophy behind Starlet Accessories, a line of jewelry created by New York based, Singapore bred Christine Chow. 

Each piece under the Starlet Accessories range is designed to accompany the modern girl from day into evening, spring into fall, with a playful vibe and urban glamour. Starlet fills the niche for exceptional creations that are at once unique, beautiful and wearable; accessories that enhance a woman, not overwhelm her. 

In addition, being Chinese, Christine has designed her styles and colors to flatter the Asian build and skintone.

Starlet Accessories are carried at select boutiques in Manhattan, Korea and Singapore. What’s great is from now through August 31, 2007, you can enjoy a whopping 20% discount at the online store. 

To enjoy the discount, use the code STAR20 during checkout, and if you’re based outside US, please email your order to Christine directly with this code.  Christine is contactable at her email:

You might like to know that all the exquisitely designed pieces under Starlet Accessories are reasonably priced in the range of between US$40 and $100, and even with the international shipping of US$15 factored in, cost is still very affordable.

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