Unique Brazilian handmade jewelry

Check out this incredibly beautiful bracelet displaying a fabulous contrast of textures including .95 silver, leather cords as well as orange, white plus green ribbons designed and handcrafted by Brazilian designer Luciana Sodreas. 

Dubbed Summer Rhapsody, it culminates with the glistening presence of pearl, carnelian, and garnet trios, accompanied by amethyst, citrine, peridot and mystical moonstone.

Luciana Sodreas says she has a lifelong fascination with colours and shapes.

When I select gemstones, I try to get the colors for the combinations I already have in mind.  From there onwards, unique shapes begin to develop from the metals, and their individuality is dependant on the manual execution of each of those variations, and of the gemstones themselves.  They become transformed into small mosaics through inlay work, and thus can never be repeated.

Sodreas’ Summer Rhapsody, along with her other creations are available for customers worldwide at Novica Jewelry

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