Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Tropical

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea TropicalI am not much of a perfume lover but I have to concede that I was completely wowed by Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Tropical.  

Despite the unexciting name, this is a very refreshing fragrance which is actually a new and better element to their Green Tea Scent. 

While the fragrance features an infusion of lychee, passion fruit, Mexican dragon fruit, green tea, Chinese Magnolia, sea moss and tropical blackberries, this isn’t your typical ultra fruity sweet fragrance.  It’s a lot lighter, yet very uplifting.  A scent that is good for the soul I would say. 

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Tropical is available in two sizes; 50ml at S$52 and 100ml at S$73.  And you might like to know that it was listed as one of the six best spring fragrances according to UKTV Style.

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