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One of the websites that I frequent whenever I want to check up reviews on beauty products is  Beauty enthusiasts are probably familiar with this interactive online beauty social portal, which is buzzing with millions of member generated product reviews, message board posts, shopping diaries, product trades and member photo pages everyday.

Because the website is member driven, it means that you can get genuine reviews on skincare, makeup, haircare, fragrance and so forth.  You can get a feel of how popular a product is based on the average rating given and the percentage of reviewers who would buy the product again.  

For example, today I found out something really useful in there.

I was trying to check out some new La Mer products and found out to my dismal that the new La Mer Lifting Face Serum which replaces the La Mer Face Serum is no longer as miraculous as it was, due to the new formulation. 

Yes, this is quite expensive, but is one of the best anti-aging topical cosmetics out there.  However, they have changed the formula of the serum, which really sucks because the old serum was like the fountain of youth for your skin…They really messed up by discontinuing this old formula. All you La Mer devotees who have used the old serum know what I am talking about. 

While I was disappointed, I was also thankful to know this rather than having to spend S$370 only to find out for myself.  So I think I’m going for the L’Occitane Immortelle Brightening Serum instead because even though there are only two reviews on the product, both have been glowing. 

Check up Makeupalley if you haven’t already.  It’s really informative, beauty wise.  And in fact, you can also contribute to the reviews if you like.  Just register as a member and start writing!

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