Oh My So Cute: Girlie stuff galore

Oh My So Cute

I’ve started another weblog focused on all things artfully cute online.  Oh My So Cute features cute websites, delightfully cute indie goods from apparel, accessories, jewelries, babywear, popart, books, stationery,crafts, plushes, toys, papergoods to household items and much more.

Very girlie stuff.  I’m sure many of you will like it.  The accessories and apparel featured at Oh My So Cute are completely different from what I feature here.  But I promise it’ll appeal to all the little girls in you.

Check it out ya?

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  1. Happy Feet says

    I simple love girlie, girlie stuff! Thank you so much for proving the link…. :-)

    Happy Feet: Hope you’ll like it there too!

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