Remove eye makeup thoroughly

I was reading Saryn’s tip on the importance of removing eye makeup and something in that entry caught my eye.

Some dermatologists have mentioned that when they look at their patient’s skin under a magnifying glass, quite a number of them actually have make up crusted into the lines around the eyes. So that means that those dark circles you see could potentially be dirt and grime and make up instead.

Interesting!  Because I recently noticed some traces of my eye concealer were still left, even after a double cleansing routine.  But admittedly I’ve been lazy.  I’ve forgone the usage of a cotton pad, something I used to do.  I really must be more discipline.

So for best results, moisten a cotton ball or cleansing pad with some oil cleanser, eye makeup cleanser or a little baby oil and gently wipe your lids and lashes until all traces have been removed.  I even know of people who use vaseline as such products have the side benefit of moisturizing the area, which can help to minimize the look of wrinkles.  And like what Saryn suggests, when it’s time to remove your eye makeup, remember that you have to be gentle if you want to avoid stretching the delicate surrounding tissues.

So if your peepers are the windows to your soul, make sure that the skin around them are looking great too!  And removing eye makeup thoroughly is an important step to achieving that.

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