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Pretty handmade earrings

Pretty handmade earrings from Novica

What sort of earrings do you like? Drop earrings? Dangle? Chandlier ? Waterfall? Cluster? Filigree? Or just normal button earrings?  While many of these designs are pretty on their own and will definitely bring some attention to our face if we put them on, some of them may not necessarily flatter our face shape. 

Here are some tips that I’ve come across for choosing earrings to suit different face shapes:

Oval-shaped face
If you have an oval face you’re really lucky because you can wear a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles of earrings.   However, avoid those extremely long, narrow dangling earrings that will elongate your face and instead, wear earrings to widen and balance this pretty face shape. Hoops, large ovals or chandliers are examples and so too are button earrings like studs and round gem earrings.

Square-shaped face
If you have a square shaped face with a very wide jaw, having earrings that end just at the jaw will not look good.  Your wide square jaw will look good with drop earrings especially those that are angular in shape with rounded edges.

Heart-shaped face
With this shape, avoid earrings that call attention to the pointy chin. You can wear earrings that are a little wider and ends just at the jaw to balance your face. Choose oval chandlier earrings that flare at the bottom for example.  Hoops are also nice.

Round-shaped face
No hoops, short triangular or tiny earrings for this face shape.  Wear wide dangling or long chandlier type of earrings.  If you choose button earrings, ensure they’re big and bold.  Again, avoid round shaped button earrings. 

At the end of the day, the most important consideration is to achieve balance.  And of course, there are other things to consider like your overall size and your personal preference. 

Remember: while earrings can create attention for you, you want to make sure you’re getting the right attention with the right earrings.   

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