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Stylish fashionable handbags

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If you don’t want to follow the herd when it comes to handbags and am looking for something trendy as well as stylish, check out those from Fashion Chateau Stylish fashionable handbags.

This exclusive online boutique ship worldwide, fashion brands by a variety of high-end designers, from those who are well known by today’s trendsetters, to those unique, hard to find fashions that can only be found by traveling thousands of miles around the world.

Like these two brown leather bags featured here. 

The first is the oversized Royal Plush Cognac Bubble East West Bag and the other is Bridget Shuster Chocolate Heart, with a interesting braided leather strap.

Definitely good enough for the fashionista with a discerning sense of fashion.  And certainly more refreshing to the eye if you ask me.

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