Watches: Hot fashion accessory

Watches fashion accessories

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When I was younger, one of my key purchases was watches.  I especially love those with colourful straps or unique designs.  They make great fashion accessory, not to mention, great conversational pieces as well. Like those you see in the picture above; they’re this minute’s must-have watches!

I kind of like the look of the white sporty rubber style Adidas watch, and the blue strap handcrafted Swiss-made Jaeger-LeCoultre coveted by Oprah and Demi Moore looks really elegant too.  And of course supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s over-the-top sapphire and topaz encrusted Ebel is THE watch to hanker after.

Retro, sporty, classy.  Take your pick and flash your time.

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  1. ashes says

    Although I am not sporty but I like the white sporty rubber Adidas watch! 😉

    ashes: Quite cute right? 😉

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