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I would like to say that the Alima Satin Matte Mineral Foundation is a good product.  However, it doesn’t work well for my skin tone and I don’t like the way I look with this foundation.

I was recommended the Chiffon N-1, a pale neutral tone by the lady at Skin Story at The Central (#03-57).  Frankly I was quite skeptical about the shade because it looks a tad too pale and slightly pinkish for my liking.  This was compounded by the fact that the lady wore the same shade on her face and I didn’t find it natural looking on her at all.  However, I was told this is the best shade for me.  As I was not convinced, I decided to just purchase their sample at S$2 to try.

Excellent even coverage
The mineral foundation is very fine, silky and weightless.  In fact all Alima Satin Matte Mineral Foundations contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to offer sun protection and anti-inflammatory benefits, as well as mica’s subtle reflective properties to minimize lines and imperfections.

I have to concede that it provides excellent matt coverage on my face, about the same as the Erth Mineral Foundation that I am currently using.  But the end result for me, is rather heavy and unnatural.  I thought some face mist might help to settle the look but it didn’t really help much and I still looked as unnatural.  And I even found the foundation looking slightly cakey around my mouth area after half a day, and my pores visibly accentuated with the powder sinking into them.

Purchase samples to try
I dug around Makeupalley and found many raves about the product.  At the same time, there were those like me, who were rather disappointed that it didn’t work as expected, either because of skin type or skin tone.   Hence, I would recommend that if you’re keen to try Alima’s range of foundation, you might be better off purchasing samples, which are really affordable at US$1.50 at their website (S$2 at Skin Story) to try before purchasing their full size at US$18.95 or S$35.  Moreover, they have so many shades, you’ll need to find what works best.

I know some ladies mix the foundation to get the shade to fit their skintone.  Personally I’m not keen as that means an added process, not to mention that you’ll need to buy a couple of foundations just to serve that purpose.

Although I’m disappointed this time around, I might still give Alima Mineral Foundation a try again in future.  Perhaps the next time when I’m better able to determine a shade to suit my skin tone.

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