Lumedia skin lightener for age spots

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I was interested to try Lumedia some months back but was put off by its price as well as its packaging. In addition, I thought it sounded too good to be true. So when I learnt that Doris had bought this product, I kept pestering her for a review which she has sweetly provided in her blog Doris Go Shopping.

Lumedia is a skin lightener that promises to erase serious hyperpigmented age spots, melasma, as well as freckles in a short period of time. The product can apparently be used on the face and any part of the body with stubborn hyperpigmented dark spots.

According to Doris, the concentrated serum only brightened up her face, but did not quite deliver the results as promised.

After using the serum for a month, twice a day, morning and night, I was a little disappointed that those small brown spots were still as prominent as before, though I did noticed that a lighter and brighter skin tone on the entire area. As for the stubborn spot on the right side of my face, closer to the jawline, I could see very slight improvements though I was hoping that it would ‘disappear’!

Read the full review from Doris here.

So it looks like Lumedia is good only to even out skin tone and lighten, but not erase age spots as it claims. However, it might also mean that it would take a few bottles to see better results. 

Unfortunately though, a few bottles is going to cost an arm as each 30ml black bottle retails for S$200 over at their counters in Guardian, Tangs Espace and Sasa though it is available at only S$132.5 from Lumedia skin lightener for age spots.

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