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Some of you have probably read the news story about Nicky Taylor who ditched her haircare, skincare and makeup routine to go completely bare for six weeks as part of her first scientific experiment to find out how she will look and feel without the aid of the avalanche of expensive modern beauty products.

It’s a completely bizarre experiment of course.  Something of a laughing matter even.  In fact, the first thought I had when I read the story was…geez…you mean it’s alright to go without sunblock for six weeks because she said her skin “looked its best” after a month of not using anything at all? 

I suppose the UV damage was kept minimal probably since she worked from home plus she tried not to go out as frequently.

Apart from that,  something else she said made her experiment really interesting to me as it’s what I’ve been thinking of late too. 

“The experiment worked in that I proved to myself there is no need for all these beauty products on which I’ve been frittering away so much money. My desire for them was all in my mind, not an actual physical need.”

And this is so true.  That often we get sucked into buying products even though at the back of our mind, we probably already know that a so-called miracle product isn’t going to reverse the damage on our skin as touted.  Yet, we still fall prey.  The worst is that some of us even go on an infinite quest for miracle products despite already doing well with our current beauty regime.  (Me!  Me!)

So you see.  It’s the mind.  We are literally buying beauty products to feed our minds, not so much our skin.   Of course it doesn’t help that the clever advertisers know this fact too. 

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    Oh darn! Me too. I fall into that trap very often. But even at home, there are UV rays so if experimenting with this, I’d say go with the sunblock still.

    Paris: Yes, it’s true about the UV you said. In fact, sometimes I wear sunscreens with SPF50 at home too! 😀

  2. says

    for you:

    Doris: Hey thanks for the mention! 😀

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