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Fashion hats for different face shapes

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I love hats. I used to wear them a lot when I was younger. Bowler hats were my favorite. And just the other day, one of my teenage girls came in with a newsboy cap, quite like the one you see on Cameron Diaz above and I thought she looked rather stylish in it.

Unfortunately our weather here doesn’t quite permit us to wear hats too often. Otherwise hats really make a nice fashion statement.

Knit berets and beanies are not only good for cold days but they add a relaxed boho vibe when paired with the right apparel combintation.  If you have a girlie dress, you might want to top it off with a fedora to look chic and hip.

And accroding to Life & Style Weekly, you can achieve a sultry and mysterious look by having the brim hit just above the brow bone.

vivawoman1 Fashion hats for different face shapes © www.vivawoman.net copyright notice

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  1. Annyeong says:

    I cannot enlarge the pic, because it’s on private mode on flickr. :(
    But I still love this entry though…

    Annyeong: I’ve switched to public mode now…


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