Cleansing cream, lotion, gel or oil?


If you’re undecided whether to use a cleansing cream, cleansing lotion or cleansing oil, you might want to read up this article on makeup remover which highlights the differences as well as some of myths about cleansing. 

Personally, I like using cleansing lotion and from the article, it does look like it is suitable for me because the hydration factor is higher.  In addition, because of the lower content of emulsifiers, cleansing lotions are very mild and gentle on dry, mature or sensitive skin. Although the cleansing power of lotions may not be as high as that of cleansing oil, it doesn’t matter to me since I always double cleanse my face anyway.

And as a matter of fact, I’ve grown to love my JASON Hydrating Lotion Cleanser despite the smell. 

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