FAKE Louis Vuitton Art Bag

Zinoo Park 3 in 1 FAKE Bag

OMG.  When did fake Louis Vuitton bags look so cute?  I’ll carry this anytime over a real Louis Vuitton!    

Well, ladies, this is the 3 in 1 Zinoo Park FAKE Bag which is a piece of satirical art on branded fake bags.  By combining the Louis Vuitton brand and graphic image of FAKE, South Korean artist Zinoo Park makes a creative statement against idolization of brand names and prevalence of knock-offs. 

The bag was featured at the London’s 100% Design and only 100 was created for an art exhibit in Seoul called “Wake Up Andy Warhol”.   It is made with heavy canvas on the outside and wax coated cotton on the inside.  Said to be a 3 in 1 bag where both sides come with two different graphics,  it is reversible and comes with a detachable ribbon.  And the good news is, we can now get it at Poketo for US$80 though I believe only limited pieces are available.

So whether you’re a hardcore Louis Vuitton fan or you just want to make a statement against carrying fakes,  you definitely want to check this out.  In fact, I think Zinoo Park FAKE Bag is way cooler than Anya Hindmarch I Am Not A Plastic Bag, both in terms of design and concept. 

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    ノースフェイス パープルレーベル 実は!? ノースフェイス パープルレーベル 結構注目 してるものです!今結構人気あるようですね。なるほど、本当によさそうです。 口コミ サイトも結構ありますよね。


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