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Following my last entry about BB Cream: the new rage in foundation,  I started seeing a lot more reviews on the product.  BB Cream is short for Blemish Balm Cream which is said to provide excellent coverage as a foundation as well as to regenerate the skin. Of the many reviews, I thought Kimoko did a good job because she’s such a BB cream addict!  She has personally tested as many as 10 different BB creams from different brands. My gosh! Here’s a list of what she has tested so far:

  • Skin Food Gingko Green BB Cream
  • Tony Moly Secret Natural BB Cream
  • Missha M BB Cream
  • Skin79 dermaRX Beblesh Balm
  • BRTC Perfect Blemish Balm
  • Dr Jart+ Rejuvenating Blemish Balm
  • The Face Shop BB Cream
  • BRTC Perfect Recover Balm
  • Dodo Club
  • Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream SPF20++

Kimoko says she has oily, prone to acne NC25 skin and that her complexion has improved a lot since she started using BB Creams.

It is able to provide the coverage of a foundation without clogging my pores and at the same time gives a glow to my complexion. Unlike foundation which at times does cake up, BB Creams doesn’t. It doesn’t oxidize on your face too. BB Cream should not be left overnight, you should remove it at the end of the day with a proper makeup remover and cleanser.

Her reviews appear to confirm what I’ve said earlier about BRTC BB Cream being the best.  Kimoko also recommends trying something that is not too high-end for starters. Brands like Skin Food, Missha and or Dodo Club would be suitable especially because they’re readily available for those based in Singapore.

You can read her reviews here and here.  In addition, you can also watch this Korean video on YouTube which shows you how to use BB cream (from Skin79) with your makeup. 

Edit: I found out that the stock for BB Cream is now available at The Face Shop in Singapore today.  The cream smells good and doesn’t feel oily at all.  But I didn’t get it because I was told it I don’t need it and anyway, the color, which looks a little greenish is too dark for my skin tone. 

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  1. says

    I love the dodo club brand too……everything is very affordable and they have everything from make-up to skin care…a must buy for everyone!!!

  2. jas says

    Hi.. do you have any idea where i can get either Skin79 dermaRX Beblesh Balm or
    BRTC Perfect Blemish Balm in singapore? i heard they are good.. hmm.. if not.. out of those brands found in singapore.. which is best? looking forward to your reply!! lots of thanks!

    Jas: I understand you got to order online but some of the sites are in Korean though.

  3. eebeeb says

    interesting! where can i find it in malaysia?

    eebeeb: Do you have the Korean brands mentioned in Malaysia? If yes, you may want to check directly with them.

  4. claris says

    Any idea if BRTC Perfect Recover Balm or the whitening BB cream had any SPF in it??

    claris: It doesn’t seem so though I can’t be certain as I’ve not seen the ingredient list. Maybe you can check with the seller?

  5. says

    I got BRTC prefect recover balm 30g at $45,not open Sun Protection Balm Moist SPF50+ PA+++ 20g at $50 and Skin79 dermaRX Beblesh Balm.

    email me if keen.

  6. lan says

    What kind of BB cream can I use to help acne,scars, and whiten skin?
    And where can I order them?

    Ian: You can start with the Korean beauty shops. Most of them do have a bb cream and should be able to advice you on what is suitable for your skin type.

  7. shopping queen says

    we can offer internation shipping for Skin 79 BB Cream. If anyone keen please drop me an email

  8. says

    I’m holding a spree for Korean BB creams now. I can get hard-to-get-hard-to-find ones (BRTC, Banila Co., Skin79,etc.). Check them out here:

  9. says says

    hi, do you know anything about a bb cream brand called jacqes or julia bb cream?
    i found it on a site here

    but cant find it when i search on google!
    your help would be much appreciated, thanks!

    says: Never heard of them…Sorry can’t be of help.

  10. Carine says

    hey…i never use BB cream before…but i would like to try using…are BRTC, Skin79, Dr Lab available in Korean Beauty in Malaysia?may i know the price?

    Carine: Sorry, I have no idea about the price in M’sia.

  11. r-true says

    Anybody tried Legere BB cream before? It is highly recommanded by Taiwan Nu Ren Wo Zui Da. I got sensitive, fair, oily n acne scars. Anybody can help me to chose the best for me?

  12. riko says

    Anybody tried Legere BB cream before? It is highly recommanded by Taiwan Nu Ren Wo Zui Da. I got sensitive, fair, oily n acne scars. Anybody can help me to chose the best brand of bb cream for me?

  13. SCARLET says

    Dear Riko

    BRTC PErfect Recover Balm would suit you – for fair & oily skin, heals acne. Reknowned brand by Korea dematologists.

  14. SCARLET says

    Tried a few BB Cream brands, my reviews:

    BRTC PERFECT RECOVER BALM (now at Watsons)
    (More of watery texture. Good for fair, oily, acne skin)

    (Normal texture to rich side. Good for normal prone to dry skin)

    (More of watery texture. Good for normal prone to oily greasy skin, asian skintone (yellow undertone),#2 (reddish undertone).

    Thicker & richer texture more for dry skin.

    Dr G (now at sasa)
    More of watery texture compared to Hanskin. Good for normal prone to oily skin.

    Since started using BB creams, not much of a breakout or clog pores anymore.

    Scarlet: Hey, thanks for that quick review! It’s helpful to gals who are looking at which one to get. :)

  15. SCARLET says

    I have decided after trying so many that I shall stick to Dr G. Its is more watery than any others.

  16. Cherrie says

    To Riko: I am rcently using Legere Whitening BB Cream (Silver Tube) which highly rcommendated by Nv Ren Wo Zui Da. It seems ok, I have combination skin with oily t-zone, and i am quite fair.The texture is not too thick, easy enough to spreed smoothly on your face. The color is fine for my skin tone, even though it comes out the tube dark, but blends well with my skin color quickly. But the oil control is a bit disappointed. My nose area feel shining after 2-3 hours. The coverage is normal, as i don’t have many acne or pigmentation so this does not worry me. But i do prefer to put on some loose mineral podwer to make it looks matte and set. Overall this BB cream is not bad, but do not stands out from others. I have used BRTC Perfect Recover BB cream as well, i think it actually works better despite it’s a bit thicker. I found my skin feels more smooth and soft after using BRTC, probably BRTC has more healing power like the real BB cream use in skin treatment.
    Now I really want to Try Dr.G ( GOWOONSESANG). Quite few people recommendate it. Seems like it has 2 different bb cream, Brightening Balm SPF30++ and Hydra Intensive BB cream SPF30++. Has anyone used them before? What is the difference between those 2? Can anyone give me some idea?

  17. loop says

    Let me add my 2 cents worth since I just tried the Etude House BB Fresh Mousse recently. I find the coverage too sheer & when I put on more to achieve better coverage my skin appears patchy. However, the product comes with SPF30 PA++. The price is at SGD31.90 & if you top up to SGD50 you can become a member to enjoy 7% for your future purchases.

  18. says

    TFS PURE BERRY BB CREAM: a super light moisturizing smooth bb cream that blends well with any skin tone.. if you have light pimple marks or unsightly marks or uneven skin tone, this will work well for you. feels like foundation minus the oilyness and the heavy feeling. just apply on moisturized skin and a loose powder after and you are good to go the whole day. It can be applied before putting on your liquid foundation for maximum coverage. (with spf20)

    EVAS BB CREAM: Just like TFS bb cream, only cheaper and bigger. its has moisturizing effect too and the great thing is that it has SPF 36. light on skin and blends well too.

    MISSHA BB CREAM: SPF 42 bb cream. wow. if you are looking for a more coverage type, then this one is for you..
    A light bb cream that has extra coverage. Thicker coverage. like you are wearing a foundation, it gives skin a rosy finish.. and hides blemishes perfectly. NO unsightly thick looking powder-y left over, NO uneven skin tone and NO oily skin. And plus, it lasts long! :)

  19. Alicia says

    Hi there, I’ve been looking all over for the BRTC Perfect Recover Balm BB Cream, and have had no luck finding it online as well. I noticed that Scarlet up there says its available in Watsons SG? Would it be possible for you to direct my enquiry to her as to where she got it cos I reallyreally want to get my hands on it? Thanks so much! :)

  20. Sue-Ann WML says

    Anyone use hanskin Gold BB (Latest)? As recommend in magazine that is good. As I have dry,sensntive and thin skin, therefore the red veins and freckles are pretty visible.
    Have read the forum on B B Cream , noticed that most of the ladies claimed to have oily combination skin, so I would like to hear from ladies that have the same skin type as me.

  21. neha says

    can bb cream be purchased in england? i also have slightly darker skin then the average korean so not sure which colour i should be looking at?

  22. says

    I think Dr. G BB cream is great. It’s easily found in Malaysia in all Sasa stores. I use the HYDRA INTENSIVE Blemish Balm SPF 30 PA++ (it’s actually my sis’ =D). The coverage is really good. My blemishes and acne scars are easily hidden. It’s as good as putting on concealer first and then foundation. And it’s not so oily either. My mum is currently using Dr.G LUXURY EGF Prime BB Protector. and I have to say her skin improved so much since she used it everyday. This one is anti-wrinkle property if I’m not mistaken. In East Malaysia the first is RM95 and the second is RM105 or was it RM115? I’m not sure. I’m not sure about west Malaysia either. It might be the same price or if you are lucky cheaper. =D Hope I helped? XoXo

    • nadia says

      may i ask…is it this BB Cream can use together with other brand…i have heard about this bb cream since last year n im really interested…is it have any side effect after using this cream

      • callmebat says

        I’m not sure about allergy problems but one problem is the shade of the bb cream. U can only get it in one. May I ask use it together with what? XoXo

      • sesame says

        You mean other brands of makeup or other brands of BB cream. You should be able to use it with other brands of powdered foundation or loose powder.

  23. kelly mel says

    is etude house bb cream good?i wan thinking of buying tat since it is not so there any other brand with price between rm 50-60..btw i have a quite fair skin tone and slightly sensitive skin..

  24. J_n says

    I am a newbie in bb cream. Which is the best brand to use? I am 20 and has combination skin. Thanks.

  25. TK says

    HOT Deal – FREE BRTC BB cream sample pack

    $10 off coupon on BRTC BB Cream Sample Pack ($10 retail) – includes an assortment of BB Cream and BRTC products.
    It makes it FREE!!!! (pay only S&H)

    Employee Discount Coupon Code: CoupBRTC0406a

    PS: Don’t worry, coupon works. They don’t check to see if you’re an employee. 😉

  26. Shawna Lee says

    I just bought my jasmine water bb cream from BRTC for $29 which is a great price for an amazing product. It has SPF 30, wrinkle repair, and the cover is perfect. I have sensitive and slighly oily skin and it does not clog my pores at all. Love this!!

  27. debbie says

    hi! i heard about BB cream from my friends, but i never use it. someone ia here uesed it? can you give me some advise? thanks

  28. says

    Hi there.. I used etude magic bb cream.. it is safe& effective.. you will loved it also.. i tried this for 2wks.. & the effect is really great!!! & my finishing touched is my MAC foundation.. Im satisfied in regards of this product! tnx for your column…

  29. Katie Lim says

    Hello everyone I just found a BRTC discount code from their official site.
    Its a 10% discount code, I am not sure when the expiry date is but it still works. The code is BRTCCTRB10 on checkout. the site is
    I just bought an overnight pore tightener.

  30. Bethany says

    Is there a BB cream that does not have whitening in it? I really want one but the fact that it has a ingredient that whitens your face doesn’t sound healthy!

  31. Jennie says

    MISSHA M BB CREAM PERFECT COVERAGE is my favorite! It has SPF42 and it provides good coverage! Try it!

  32. Maria Mira Contreras says

    I just use Atomy BB cream i have to stop after 3 days. I bought a Atomy brand w/30 SPF on my skin. I tested it first on my hand and I didn’t have any reaction so i use it on my face . On the first day its was fine the next day my face started to burn and feel off i thought that was natural then after 3 days of use it gets worst i stop using it. How do I get ride of the redness and tightness of my face. Pls. help i can’t go out in the sun coz. it might worsen my skin. The only good thing it heals my acne.

    • Sesame says

      Can you get your hands on aloe vera gel? If you can, applying the gel on your skin will help with the peeling. Your skin will take a while to heal…meanwhile, use sunblock when you head out.


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