A key to maximize a tube of cream

Dermalogica Power Rich Moisturizer

I was looking at Dermalogica Power Rich and was intrigued!  Not so much about the powerful restructuring properties, but rather the packaging.  The product is packaged in a 35+day supply of sealed metal tubes, accompanied by a metal key used to roll the tube for maximum product extraction.  Like sardine cans I think, and oooh, I like that!  Definitely beats trying to squeeze the last bit out of a tube of cream with all my might.

I don’t know about you but I hate tubes of creams, sunblocks or cleansers when I come to the tail end.  You know there are some stuff left in there, but it’s so hard to get them out!  And I tell you, there can be quite a lot left because I once took a pair of scissors and cut up a tube of sunblock and boy, there were so much of the cream sitting at the opening!  So I would raise both hands up to get tubes of creams to be made like Dermalogica’s, especially if they’re expensive.

And Dermalogica Power Rich is really expensive but the luxurious cream is said to be a maximum intensity skin cream with exclusive acid-free technology which improves skin firmness and texture even before the first visible signs of aging appear. 

Well, I’m not keen to get the product now but I definitely think the packaging is brilliant!

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    What a great idea. This would definitely minimise wastage. I remembered watching a Chinese show once, and this guy was so kiamsiap; to make sure he used up the entire tube of toothpaste, he put the tube on the floor, and stepped on the tube, grinding it until the very last bit comes out :p

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