Ferro Cosmetics Fab 4 Mineral Makeup

Ferro Cosmetics Mineral Makeup

I have just started reading Bobbi Brown’s Living Beauty and what Vera Wang said about her makeup routine right about sums up mine as well.  “When I do makeup, I focus on evening out my complexion with foundation…it literally takes twenty years off my face…” 

Like Vera Wang, I’m obsessed with my skin, but unlike her, makeup don’t make me look twenty years younger! *boo hoo*  But I have to concede that mineral makeup does help to take some years off my looks because the end result is a very natural looking complexion.  Plus I love the fact that mineral makeup is good for my skin

So even though I’m currently happy with mineral makeup from Erth and Everyday Minerals, I’m keen to test others in the market as well. 

Mineral makeup to achieve four fab looks
About a couple of months ago, I received an email that there’s a new mineral makeup range in the market under the brand Ferro Cosmetics.  I like the look of their website and how they’ve organized their products into five different skin tones; fair, light, medium, tan and dark which makes it easier for us to pick out lustrous foundation and scrumptious eye shadows and blush colors to suit our skin type.

In addition, unlike most of the other mineral makeup that I’ve come across, Ferro Cosmetics positions theirs with a bit more glamor.  So you can pick from one of their four looks – Basic Beauty, Golden Goddess, Pastel Princess and Fierce Fashionista – and be a girl-next-door, a sweet angel, a fabulous beauty or a glamorous vixen.  

All products from Ferro Cosmetics uses 100% minerals with no talc, preservatives, petroleum by-products, toxins, fragrance or dyes.  And it’s also good to know that Krissy Ferro, the founder and master formulator of Ferro Cosmetics is an advocate for safe cosmetics and products as well as a member of Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

I’m looking forward to test their products especially now that they’ve international shipping available.  Perhaps I can also explore running a special promo with Ferro Cosmetics when that happens.  I’ll keep you all posted.

Meanwhile, take a look at Ferro Cosmetics and if you’re located in US, you may like to know that the company offers free shipping on purchases over US$49.

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