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Yun Eun Hye for Korean fashion house Joinus

2250579061 41b7f79319 o Yun Eun Hye for Korean fashion house Joinus

Those interested in Korean fashion may find some inspiration for sophisticated corporate wear through these apparel from Joinus modeled by Yun Eun Hye of the K-drama hit Coffee Prince. 

The Koreans seem to favor contrast, which is achieved mainly through dark colors llike black, navy blue and red or silver metalics combined with colorful abstract geometric prints.  They look good on Yun Eun Hye here but some of the designs are kind of dated to me.  Remind me of the clothes from OG!

But I certainly love their shoes!  Check out the pink one on the left bottom.  Chic!  And of course it helps that Yun Eun Hye has sexy legs to boot.

vivawoman1 Yun Eun Hye for Korean fashion house Joinus © www.vivawoman.net copyright notice

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