Purse-friendly vintage inspired fashion


It just looks like we still can’t get enough of the vintage vogue with many savvy and stylish shoppers including celebs like Kate Moss, Kylie and Posh Spice turning to retro fashion with an individual twist.  And it’s no wonder since vintage really offers a much more unique eclectic style over the mass-made. 

The great news for us is that right here at home, we are also seeing more offerings of vintage inspired fashion, clothing and accessories with customer friendly prices. 

Like these mod retro indie style dresses from Xtralicious Shop priced between S$39 and S$59.  Combined with the right accessories, these clothes are good enough to turn heads anywhere. So it came as little surprise to find out from shop owner Rachel, that her stocks run out fairly quickly even though she has just started out recently.

But the good thing is that she’s working on offering more unique pieces so subscribe to their mailing list to be updated.

Xtralicious is based in Singapore and ships internationally. 

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